Guide to Renting with York Student Properties

If you have any questions not covered here. Please contact our head office and a member of staff will be happy to help.
  • Paying Rent

    All rent payments are to be made via bank transfer to the details provided to you. When making payment, please ensure you are using the correct payment reference. This is your property reference code followed by your initials. If you are unsure of your payment reference, this can be found on the front page of your tenancy.

  • Deposits

    All deposits are paid directly to us either via bank transfer or card payment. Once received they are deposited to the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) for the duration of your tenancy. You will receive an email from DPS to inform you your deposit is protected with a reference number, please keep this email safe as you will need it in the future to reclaim deposit. Deposits are refunded to the tenant via DPS within 4 weeks of the end of your tenancy. Any deductions will always be agreed between the landlord/agent and the tenant prior to being made.

  • Moving In

    Prior to moving in you must inform us of your intended move-in time and date (if not the first day of tenancy). A member of our team will meet you at the property to hand over your keys, carry out inventory, inform you of fire safety procedures and other general information about the property. In the weeks leading up to your tenancy start-date, an email will be sent from our team to begin arranging the move-in process.

  • Moving Out

    Prior to moving out you must inform us of your intended move-out time and date. A member of the team will meet you at the property to collect your keys, carry out final inventory and check over the property for cleanliness and any potential damage caused. At this point, a discussion will occur between landlord / agent and the tenant regarding any deposit deductions which may need to be made.

    A charge of £10 per black bin bag or £20 for any large items will be charged if not removed from the property prior to moving out.

  • Lost Keys

    There is a fixed charge of £25.00 for the landlord/agent to replace and deliver lost keys.

  • Quarterley Inspections

    Quarterly inspections will take place throughout your tenancy, we will give you at least 24 hours’ notice prior to these. On the day of your property, a member of our team will visit your property to check the condition of the property, make note of any damages and maintenance issues that may need to be addressed. You do not need to present during these inspections.

  • Non-Urgent Maintenance

    All non-urgent requests must be submitted via the form on our website. Once received we will organise for a member of the maintenance team to attend the property to address the issue, all tenants will be notified either via email or the WhatsApp group for your property. Please note it is your responsibility to replace any lightbulbs, other than those of a spotlight style.

  • Emergency Maintenance

    Emergency maintenance requests refer to a loss in gas, power or water, strong smell of gas in the property and flood. In these cases, please call Joe on 07976 351 928. In the event of loss of power or water supply, please first check Northern Powergrid ( and Yorkshire Water ( websites by searching your post-code to ensure it is not the result of planned or emergency works in the area.

  • Gardening

    A member of our maintenance team will attend the property at regular intervals throughout your tenancy to maintain the garden. No notice will be given for these visits as they will not require any access to the indoor areas.

The cover of the UK Government's How to Rent Guide.

The UK Government's guide to renting a property

While our FAQs provide detailed information specific to renting properties listed with us, we also recommend referring to the UK Government's guide to renting a property.

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